Utility Ebook

Some utilities go above and beyond to provide additional value to the customer and to drive additional revenue. Are you? Here are the top 9 questions to ask a moving concierge.


"Consumers compare your utility brand directly to the most customer service-driven organizations in the world."

It might not be an apples-to-apples comparison, but every day, your customers compare your utility company to other brands. And, those other brands are not utility companies – they directly compare you to the most customer service-driven organizations in the world. Amazon. Nordstrom. Apple. Southwest Airlines. And your utility company, right up there!

Take a look at this quick ebook to help you identify if partnering with a moving concierge is the right fit for you:

  • Product Offering
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer Choice
  • Channel Diversification
  • and more

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