The Low-Down on Moving Niche Items

As you walk through your clients’ homes and prospective homes, you should be on the lookout for niche items that may be a bit odd to move or may need a little extra TLC during the move. Think: moving expensive wine collections, shipping a car, moving a piano, etc. Educate yourself on the most common niche items in 15 minutes with Updater and Shleppers Moving & Storage.

DATE: Tuesday, May 17th
DURATION: 15 minutes
PANELISTS: Allen Golan, COO at Shlepper's Moving & Storage and Chris Saad, Director of Business Development at Updater

In the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Share useful moving tips and recommendations for all your clients’ fragile belongings
  • Prevent client headaches while transporting “hard to move” items
  • Deliver more value to your clients at every stage of the transaction, including the move

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